Family & hobbys

  1. Family

  2. Hospitalization

  3. Domestic Staff Insurance

  4. Personal accidents

  5. Mortgage and credit

  6. Funeral

  7. Travel

  8. Civil Liability for Volunteers

AMBIX-POESEN-JOVE is an independent insurance broker, guaranteeing:

  1. a professional service, geared towards client satisfaction

  2. personal service

  3. extensive experience

  4. optimal flexibility and accessibility

  5. a correct price-quality guarantee for your insurances

  6. reliable intervention for the most diverse insurance risks

  7. correct and efficient follow-up of damage claims

All sorts of insurances for private, independent or professional clients.

Car, motorcycle & oldtimer

  1. Civil Liability motor vehicles

  2. Comprehensive

  3. Limited comprehensive

  4. Legal aid

  5. Driver

  6. Travel assistance

House & construction

  1. Fire insurance

  2. Theft

  3. Industrial damage

  4. Machinery breakdown insurance


  1. Tax-deductible contributions to a pension fund (pension plan)

  2. Long-term savings

  3. Private Supplementary Pension for the Self-Employed

  4. Individual pension commitment

  5. Group insurance

  6. Fiscal optimization

Persons & profession

  1. Personal accident

  2. Occupational accident

  3. Guaranteed revenue

  4. Commercial liability

  5. Delivery service liability

  6. Professional & management liability

Our partners:

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Euromex  I  Europ Assistance  I  Europese  I  Delta Lloyd  I  Dela  I  Vivium  I  Axa  I  Allianz  I  Generali.

Service is our success